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"True confidence is not changing who you are in the midst of opposition." This quote from Tarek Ali perfectly sums up my mentality. It's how I choose to move through this world from the time I first picked up the trumpet in 2013, to the release of my debut album, "By Myself" in May 2022.

One of my goals as an artist is to inspire and empower others to move forward in the direction that they so choose without so much as a qualm about whether or not they're good enough. As a queer person of color, I've had my fair share of moments where I've felt insecure and less than, but somehow I've found clarity and purpose in music.

Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, I am a self-taught composer, producer, and musician who is dedicated to music and performing. With that, I hope you too can find yourself in my lyrics and production.

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