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Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, I have used my artistic practice to build the foundation for which my brand stands on. My original compositions arranged for brass ensembles, choirs, and more have been performed and commissioned, including “Nuit De Ruse” at Duquesne University. Multiple acting appearances at The Majestic Theater in West Springfield, include the productions of “9 TO 5: The Musical” and, “The Buddy Holly Story”. In addition, I’ve performed music self-written and produced with my band at pride festivals, and performed original compositions with the Holyoke Civic Symphony orchestra.

I have built this artistic practice and success despite the odds. I am a queer person from an Afro-Caribbean household and spent years trying to fly with my wings nailed to the ground. Despite not having a degree, I’ve had the burn in my heart to pursue my passions independently and professionally. This includes becoming a brass and percussion Teaching Artist throughout the Springfield Public and Charter School district.


What it means to be a true performer has always stuck with me. It’s about sacrifice, rehearsals, and transforming what’s been done to you to do unto others in the best way possible. To share experiences with hundreds of people at a time with live performances that showcase life and lessons, love and loss through the lens of a gifted, young, black, and queer human is what I've created my world around.


Black, trans, and musically inclined.

A new musical performance duo consisting of two non-binary musicians, Richard Parris Scott, and Chestina Thrower, THXM. aims to be young black and queer representation in Western Massachusetts. Through jazz, RnB, and soul music they aim to honor the great artists of the past while paving a new lane of their own. ​ To keep up with performances, follow them on Instagram! 

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