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Private Music Lessons

Welcome! My name is Richard Parris Scott, and I offer private beginner music lessons on trumpet. With my guidance and over 10 years of experience as a musician, your child will learn the foundations of music and develop the skills they will need to progress as a trumpet player. It's important to me that I deliver quality to our children, so I've set my price point to $25 for 30 minutes of instructional lessons in the spirit of being accessibile to all.



Establish an understanding of music.

These personalized lessons are tailored to your child's specific needs, interests, and experiences with a focus on building a strong foundation in music theory and techniques while making learning fun and engaging.


Balance of discipline and joy.

Learning an instrument takes discipline, but it doesn’t have to feel like tedious work. I have a belief that learning music should be fun and enjoyable. My private lessons not only help your child develop crucial techniques and skills but also make practice feel rewarding. I emphasize consistency and achievable goals, helping them build a strong foundation to succeed in their musical aspirations.


Become a young musician.

Over the course of your child's lessons, they will have the opportunity to learn and perform 2-3 pieces of music of their choosing! I will arrange the music to complement the technique acquired over the weeks of lessons and accompany your child on piano during their concert performance, whether it's a special celebration or just for fun!

My Three-Step Rolling Curriculum

Learn more about my teaching experience and musicianship here!

For further questions or inquiries, contact me here with "Private Lessons" as the subject!

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